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08 May, 2012

One of the many advantages of working at home is that you and you alone get to choose what radio station or music to listen to during working hours. Radio is a wonderful medium, a window to the world. And as you are constantly online, you have an almost limitless choice of stations to listen to.

Although it depends of course from person to person, I myself like background music a lot while working, except perhaps when I am dealing with a particularly complicated piece of text that requires all of my attention.

Even if there is an exuberant amount of possible radio stations to listen to, I usually limit myself to five or six stations, most of them foreign. I only listen to radio stations from my own country in my car or in case there is some special programming I am interested in.

As it might provide some inspiration, these are the stations I listen most to:

The two stations I listen most to are P7 Klem and Radio 10 Gold 80s.
P7 Klem is a Norwegian Oslo based station that broadcasts soft music all day long.

When I’m in for great 80s music that does not limit itself to English songs, such as British and American stations usually do, then I turn to Dutch Radio 10 Gold 80s.

Although they only broadcast songs in English, I also like listening to British stations. Smooth Radio and Magic FM are my favourites..

avroI’m also very fond of soundtracks. The most beautiful can be found at Dutch AVRO Klassiek Film but also at GotRadio The Big Score.
Finally, if I want to hear a bit of everything, then Dutch Radio 10 is a must-have station.

Of course I also listen to music on my hard drive. I prefer female singer-songwriters who put emotion and meaning in their songs, such as Norwegian Maria Mena or piano music by wonderful Kendra Springer.

So, what stations do you listen to at work?

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