A Lonely Profession?

15 May, 2012

People sometimes wonder how we translators can stand to work at home all day without any contact with the outside world. We must be loners, right?

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Translators are constantly in touch with heaps of people. Or rather, they are nowadays. In the old days, the days before the internet, the profession was indeed much lonelier, or was it? It really depends on your frame of mind.

If you work at home, whether as translator or not, you have an outrageously high amount of freedom. That means you can organize your day as you want it. No longer taking half a day off to get to the dentist or hairdresser, or to have to make an evening appointment. No longer rushing to school and home when a child is ill, let alone looking for a sit-in so that you can still go to work. No longer go shopping at the busiest times of the week. No longer… well, you get my drift.
On the contrary, you can go outside and sport or walk or do whatever your heart desires.

And most fun of all, if a good friend has a day off, you can go and visit them or do something fun together.

In short, working at home does not at all mean that you lead a lonely life. The freedom it offers, if used with the necessary discipline, is priceless. I for one would not want to trade it in for anything else!


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Herman Boel is een freelancer vertaler Engels/Frans/Spaans/Duits in het Nederlands. Hij is gespecialiseerd in de vertaling van technische, marketing- en bedrijfsdocumenten. U kunt contact met hem opnemen en hem volgen op Facebook of Twitter. Herman Boel est traducteur freelance de l'anglais/français/espagnol/allemand en néerlandais. Il est spécialisé dans la traduction des documents techniques, de marketing et de l'entreprise. Vous pouvez le contacter et le suivre sur Facebook ou Twitter.

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  1. At least you should not forget about the need to earn money ;-)

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