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15 October, 2013

Usually, work is relatively simple for a translator: you get a document from a client, you translate it and you deliver. That’s it.

However, sometimes your project can be a very lengthy and/or complicated one, consisting of many steps or parts. Then it is extremely importance to keep track of what you are doing. That can best be done with a good overview of the entire project.

On top of that you need to inform your client regularly of the project status.

Sure, you can use a mind map, Microsoft Project or another track/project tool. But sending status reports to your client remains a lot of extra work. So, why not combine both?

PrintThat is where Brevado comes in. Brevado is a free (for now at least) web service where you create your project overview online and share it with your client.

Brevado keeps your clients in the loop from start to finish with beautiful project timelines designed for them. Put an end to the countless hours spent on the phone and writing emails by offering clients a non-invasive way of checking their project status. You can focus on the task at hand and not on going over the things that already got done.

Users can layout their process in milestones and steps. As tasks are completed, clients and team members will receive automatic progress updates, ensuring they are never left in the dark.

The start of a sample project...

The start of a sample project…

Brevado is simple, intuitive and visual. Most importantly, it is made for your clients to understand. No need for tutorial videos or hours of training just to check in.

So if you have a long and complicated project, you may want to try out Brevado.

* I am in no way associated with Brevado and do not gain any benefits by publishing an article on their software.

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Herman Boel is een freelancer vertaler Engels/Frans/Spaans/Duits in het Nederlands. Hij is gespecialiseerd in de vertaling van technische, marketing- en bedrijfsdocumenten. U kunt contact met hem opnemen en hem volgen op Facebook of Twitter. Herman Boel est traducteur freelance de l'anglais/français/espagnol/allemand en néerlandais. Il est spécialisé dans la traduction des documents techniques, de marketing et de l'entreprise. Vous pouvez le contacter et le suivre sur Facebook ou Twitter.

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  1. Good overview, thank you Herman! I think, anything, what saves us time is always very welcome!

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