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From and to Dutch, French, English, and Spanish.


Your website, manual, corporate text, brochure or other text translated into Dutch, French, English or Spanish? Then Alta Verba is the place to turn to.

Translation is, of course, my core business.

Voor uw vertalingen naar andere talen dan het Nederlands of in domeinen die ik zelf niet beheers, heb ik voor u een uitgebreid netwerk van zelfstandige vertalers en proeflezers geselecteerd. Deze gespecialiseerde professionals leveren werk van hoge kwaliteit dat ik correct vergoed.


Is your text linguistically correct? Or should phrasing be improved? Appeal to a specialist! I will make sure your document is linguistically flawless.

In case of monolingual editing I only check the text itself and assume there is no source text.

In case of bilingual editing I not only perform a linguistic check, but also make sure the target text's content corresponds nicely to the source text.

This can be handy to make sure that e.g. your website does not contain any errors.


A nice factoid article fits perfectly in your company magazine or other regular publication?

As an author of several non-fiction books I am the right person to take care of that article.

Next to books I also have a popular Dutch language blog.

If you require a nice column, then do get in touch for more information.

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