Translation is not something to simply entrust to a machine or a translator.

My whole professional life has revolved around helping other people at meeting their objectives.

At my career start in VTM's newsroom I helped the journalists and other colleagues to provide news in the best possible way.

As project manager in four different Belgian translation agencies, I helped customers worldwide with the organization of their sometimes complex translation projects.

As an independent translator I have been helping my clients from 2011 to increase their turnover and profit via convincing and effective (translated) communication.

In addition, I help new and other translators with their business, marketing, etc. as a translator's coach.

In guest lectures at universities I inform students about the life of an independent translator.

Alongside my translation work, I am also the author of several books with publishing house Lannoo and I maintain a well-visited language blog with loads of interesting language factoids.

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