Translation is not something to simply entrust to a machine or a translator.

In the 15 years I was a project manager for translation agencies, I noticed that clients were not served as well as they should have been. I thought I could do it better.

So I turned independent in 2011 in order to deliver the quality service other companies and entrepreneurs wished and also paid for. To do this, I make use of my own Integrity Threshold.

I help them enter new and existing markets by translating all necessary documentation (website, manuals, brochures, marketing material etc.) into the required language. One less major concern for them!

Each translation is done by a native speaker and thoroughly revised by another translator. This is an absolute must for quality, but is seldom done by (larger) agencies.

In addition, I help new and other translators with their business, marketing, etc. as a translator's coach and as a speaker at conferences.

In guest lectures at universities, I inform students about the life of an independent translator.

Alongside my translation work, I am also the author of several books with publishing house Lannoo and I maintain a well-visited language blog with loads of interesting language factoids.

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