If you need a quality translation, you can not get round the professional translator. Quality costs money and time.

Six reasons to
choose a freelance translator

(instead of a large translation agency)


If you work with a translation agency, you are likely to deal with an account or project manager, a person who is in charge of your translation and who will liaise between you and the translator. However, if you work with Alta Verba, you will liaise directly with the translator. Moreover, should you wish it, I will give you the name of every professional that is involved in the translation of your text. This way you will see that I always use the same people and work with specialists. Unique in Belgium!
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Are your texts a jumble of styles and words? That is because they have been reviewed by different people, before being delivered to your inbox. Alta Verba personally takes care of the Dutch/Flemish translation of your texts. In doing so, Alta Verba guarantees continuous and flawless consistency.

Alta Verba works exclusively with professional tools such as MemoQ and SDL Trados Studio to guarantee consistency in style and terminology. That is the only way to deliver accurate and high-quality Dutch and Flemish translations!


Flexibility and Speed

A freelance translator does not leave the office at 5 PM. I can always be reached via mobile phone or email and will respond within one hour. I only stop working when your Dutch and Flemish translation is complete and you are happy with it.

Personal Service

I know my clients personally. We can grab a coffee together or schedule a meeting and you get the quality you deserve. Indeed, knowing my clients is key to better understanding their needs and delivering personalised, precise and quality translations that will help your company to communicate better in Dutch and Flemish.

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Alta Verba is the only one who gets to see your texts. There is no company server where dozens of employees can access and make use of your confidential information. With Alta Verba your documents are extremely secure.

If you think that these company values resonate with you and you would like to know more about rates and Dutch/Flemish translation services, get in touch with Alta Verba. I reply within the hour.



Most translation agencies accept all assignments, whether they are experienced in the field or not. I only accept texts I feel comfortable with and for which I can guarantee an excellent translation quality. That does not mean that I cannot assist you with different topics. Indeed, if asked to work on a text that does not belong to my specializations, I can surely recommend an excellent colleague who will assist you with the same quality and professional services.

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