I make sure you finally can get hold of real quality translations.

Do you want to establish yourself as a freelance translator but you do not have the knowledge required to take the plunge?

You are a freelance translator but you want to have a deeper understanding of how to deal with translation agencies, what software to work with, how to do your marketing, how to use social media?

After fifteen years as a project manager in various translation agencies and more than ten years as freelance translator, I have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you on your way or to give your translation business a boost.

What do I offer?

A one-on-one session with you so that you get all the attention - either in my office or via e.g. Skype. Your location does not matter.

Each session is preceded by a short questionnaire so I have a precise idea of what you want and what you need. This allows me to tailor the session to your needs.

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Possible subjects

  • I'm establishing myself as a freelance translator. What now?
  • How do I cope with translation agencies? How to avoid frauds?
  • How to do my marketing?
  • How to promote myself in the best way on social media?
  • What software should I work with?
  • ...

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What's in it for you?

  • Greater self-confidence in what you do.
  • Energy and focus, because now you know exactly how to proceed.
  • The necessary knowledge to make the most of your entrepreneurship.

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What does it cost?

A one-on-one session is 74.00 € (VAT excluded, if applicable). You determine the intensity of that hour.

Important: The price per hour is not for the hour itself, but for the result you attain after application of all advices. This result is achieved in the long term. Never trust coaches who promise miracles in the short term!

Need an extra half an hour? That can be arranged (37.00 € VAT excl.).

Special rate for students (with valid student card): 47 € (VAT excl.), 27 € for half an hour

But if you really want the whole package and thoroughly master all aspects of entrepreneurship, please contact me and I'll check with you to determine exactly what you need and how we can proceed.

Take your business life in your own hands and get help from someone who knows the translation world like the back of his hand.

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What do other people think of this mentoring?

Ideal for new translators who have lost sight of the big picture. Herman gives concrete tips and tricks that one can only know by experience. This gives you a lead on other new translators. Money well spent!
(Amber Polfliet, Ampersand Translations)

Herman can help you with anything, even with websites for translators. After an exciting 1.5 hour session I have a lot of concrete ideas on what information to mention, what to leave out and how to attract clients with a Unique Selling Point and Call to Action. Herman corrected my writing style and thoroughly explained how marketing works on your website.
(Lisa Artois, Translation and Revision)

During my training Herman was the freelance translator whom I used as a model. It was therefore logical to ask him to be my coach when I decided to establish myself as a freelance translator. I truly cannot imagine a better coach for starting translators who want to be succesful with their business.
(Jennifer Bolzinger, Goldfingers Translations)

We are so happy to have Herman to be our coach! He is the one we were looking for! He has expertise in both translation and marketing and knows the industry well. In the 1.5-hour session we got plenty of valuable tips and suggestions from him about how to redesign our website. Surely we will ask for his advice again when we finish improving the website.
(Chun-Ying Chou and Wei-shieh Li, Termsoup)

I had the pleasure to attend an individual coaching session with Herman Boel, and I have to say it was exactly what I was looking for: he helped me with excellent tips and suggestions and offered concrete advice on steps to follow in order to reach my objectives as a translation entrepreneur. I can only recommend him as a coach!
(Sara Bigini, Lingoword)

Herman helped me in creating my business from scratch. He gave me practical tips about how to manage my time, he showed me how to build my brand and the Unique Selling Proposition, and he provided solutions to promote myself on my website and on social media. He truly motivated me to start my own business! I strongly recommend his coaching to anyone who really wants to become an entrepreneur.
(Cristina Tormen)

Herman has not only helped me grow my business but boosted my self-esteem in multiple other areas as well. The first coaching session we had set me on the right track. Thanks to his experience and advice I managed to pinpoint my own bad habits and replace them with carefully engineered growth strategies. With time, I observed how my work is becoming more productive. What is more, I noticed a shift in the structure of my clients. In hindsight, I can say that my decisions are now more informed and evidence-based, and the plan for the nearest future is clear and well-defined. The results were visible almost immediately. Herman's coaching was complex and covered such areas as specialisation, work routine, planning, communication with clients and pricing strategies. I believe any translator, be it a beginner or an experienced specialist, can benefit from Herman's advice at any point of their career.
(Maria Jaszczurowska)

Herman is a very inspiring coach. I wanted to improve my website and Linkedin profile, and gain confidence to reach out to direct clients.
He gave me very useful suggestions and interesting information by directly analysing my webpages and my whole condition. I like his “straight-to-the-point” approach. Professional and practical.
I really recommend his coaching support to those people who are starting out and who need to get a clearer and more professional view of their business.
(Federica Mariani)

Uplifting support and inspiring advice from a mastermind of translation business and practise. Herman's coaching is based on a humanistic approach which gives a sense of trust and helps to achieve both professional and personal self-confidence in an organic manner. Most sincere thanks from Lithuanian coachee!
(Grytė Šimkūnaitė)