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I make sure you finally can get hold of real quality translations.

A good or bad translation can seriously damage your company’s image.


Your website, manual, corporate text, brochure or other texts translated into a European language? Then Alta Verba is the place for you.

Translation is, of course, my core business.

For translations into languages other than Dutch or in fields of expertise for which I have no experience, I have an extensive network of independent translators and proofreaders. These specialized professionals deliver high quality work at a fair rate.

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Is your text linguistically correct? Or does the wording need to be improved? Appeal to a specialist! I will make sure your document is linguistically flawless.

In case of monolingual editing, I only check the text itself and assume there is no source text.

In case of bilingual editing I not only perform a linguistic check, but I also make sure the target text's content corresponds correctly to the source text.

This can be handy to make sure that your website does not contain any errors.

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If you are going to enter into a new market and you need to express yourself in a different language, you probably have loads of questions. What needs to be translated, what does not, in which language, what you need to watch out for, etc.

Or do you want to know how you can target (potential) customers best through your website?

Whatever questions you may have on language, Alta Verba is ready to help you get started with concrete answers.

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