I make sure you finally can get hold of real quality translations.

Translations are Alta Verba’s core business and our methodology is unique.
To get straight to the point, if you’re looking for (human) translations we are your number one choice. And that’s not idle talk.

Always by people

Translating is a creative activity. You wouldn’t ask a machine to make a painting or write a novel; you also can’t expect it to produce a translation.

Machine translations have absolutely no place at Alta Verba. For a full explanation of why this is the case, see my overview.

Do you value your reputation and therefore – rightly – avoid machine translations? Alta Verba would be happy to help you further.

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Mother tongue

Professional translators translate only into their mother tongue. This is a basic principle of good translation and is only deviated from in exceptional cases. Because I translate only into Dutch, I have surrounded myself with top-quality foreign-language translators who know the tricks of the trade through and through and excel at their mother tongue.

Need a translation into European languages, translated by native speakers? Alta Verba is the expert you are looking for.

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Even the best translator can make a mistake. Translators too are merely human and, hence, not infallible. Which is why each translation should be reviewed by a second translator, sentence by sentence.

This tends to be the exception to the rule these days but not at Alta Verba. Quality is paramount, and a cursory glance or electronic checks cannot replace a revision by a qualified second translator.

If you’re looking for a translation with the chance of error minimised as much as possible, Alta Verba is the partner for you.

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Only do something if you’re going to do it well. At Alta Verba, we take this very literally. If, for whatever reason, we cannot guarantee the quality of our work, we won’t accept a project, even if this means losing a sale.

After all, if we were to settle for a job half-done you would never be able to achieve your objectives. This integrity – combined with our sophisticated structure – is our greatest quality guarantee.

If you too believe quality to be your greatest asset, then Alta Verba would be happy to become your privileged partner.

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Advice on translations can save you a lot of money. Before I ask anyone to do a job for me, I always look for advice to make sure I get exactly what I want. It's no different when it comes to translations. If you have doubts or questions, we would be happy to answer them.

But we go further. To proactively ensure that we assist you in the best possible way we will also ask you any questions we may have.

Translations and quality advice? At Alta Verba you can be sure of both!

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