Anyone who has ever tried to give translating a document a go, knows how difficult it is turn the right words into a pleasantly flowing sentence that is grammatically correct and doesn’t contain any spelling mistakes.

At a technical level too, translating can prove to be quite a challenge.

With our system however, both these challenges are tackled in a trice.


Our system

A translation bureau must be so much more than a just hatch.

When you ask us for a quotation or send us text, we don’t simply give you a price or forward your text to a translator but first take a good look at how we can help you best.

We may even make some surprising suggestions that won’t cost you a cent extra but will save you time and money in the end.

Are you all for proactivity and time-saving solutions? In that case, we’d be delighted to work with you!

Humans only

Translating is a creative activity.

As you wouldn’t ask a machine to create a painting or write a novel, you can’t expect it to produce translations either.

Our translators are known for their outstanding and personal writing style. So why would we hamper their outstanding style by using machine translations? That doesn’t mean that machine translation cannot be used as an extra tool. But anyone who thoughtlessly and casually resorts to machine translation only has his own, and not your, profits in mind.

Do you value your reputation and - rightly - prefer human translators?
In that case, we’d be delighted to work with you!

Mother tongue

Professional translators exclusively translate into their mother tongue.

That rule is rock solid and is only deviated from in highly exceptional cases. Our native translators know the tricks of trade and are masters at using their native tongue with imagination and flair.

At one about the mother tongue principle? In that case, we’d be delighted to work with you!


Only do something if you’re going to do it well.

At Alta Verba, we take that maxim most literally. If, for whatever reason, we cannot stand over the quality of our work, we pass on the job, even if that means losing out on turnover.

And we don’t settle for shoddy work either. Because that way you never achieve your desired objectives. Integrity – combined with the proactivity we have become known for – is our greatest quality guarantee.

Do you also believe quality is the supreme good?