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General info on translation
The real translation market: smaller than you may think
In general, the translation market is believed to consist of the following service providers: ᴥ big international translation agenciesᴥ big national translation agenciesᴥ small boutique translation ...
General info on translation
Translation of PDF files
I am occasionally asked to translate a PDF file. This usually is not as straightforward as working from a Word file. A PDF file has been ...
Translation methods
The 4 most common types of translation (and when to use them)
When you want to have a text translated, there are usually four way to have this done. 1. Machine translation (MT) Translation by a computer programme ...
General info on translation
Mock-up of files for translation
In medium to big-sized companies manuals, brochures, presentations etc. are usually drafted in English first. This work can be done internally, but can also be outsourced, ...
General info on translation
Revision: the holy grail
Revision is the most important element in the translation process. It is also where things usually go wrong. According to the dictionary definition, revision is the ...
General info on translation
Nine pitfalls to watch out for when requesting translations as a company
If you need a translations, then do avoid these nine pitfalls so the turnover and profit do not decrease instead of increase. (1) Having the translation ...
General info on translation
Independent translator or translation agency: A difficult choice?
When your company requires a revision or translation, you can op to work with an independent translator or a translation agency. The difference between the two ...
General info on translation
The Integrity Threshold
Before I started working as a freelancer, I worked as a project manager for fifteen years in a number of Belgian translation agencies. While I don’t ...
General info on translation
Why a professional translation or text is important
Many companies manage their translations and written texts without paying much attention to detail. Indeed, it is often the secretary or another employee who takes care ...
About the Dutch language
Dutch or Flemish?
I am a Flemish translator but I translate into Dutch. This one short sentence can lead to so much confusion. I mean… Flemish is a whole ...
Translation methods
Machine translation: Babel or babble?
Translation agencies relish it, professional translators tremble at the thought. So, what do machine translations have to offer, and what not? Let’s start at the very ...
General info on translation
Why do translations seem expensive?
The translation of a four-page document can easily cost 120-220 euros. This seems like a lot of money, especially if you need translations into multiple languages ...

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