Have you ever noticed that premium brands publish premium (translated) documents, while cheap brands usually have crappy texts?

If you are a premium brand with a premium product or service, then make sure you get hold of premium quality translations and texts. They are crucial to your reputation and therefore sales.

And that’s precisely what I offer.

Alta Verba is your partner for

… but works differently than your traditional translation bureaus:

1. Tailor-made translator

We know our translators in person and immediately know who’ll be the best one for your project. We don’t have a vendor manager who opens a list and chooses the cheapest translator.

2. No machine translations

Our translators never use machine translations mindlessly. They are known for their outstanding and personal writing style. Why then would we hamper their creativity with machine translations?

3. Proactive

We are proactive and don’t operate a hatch system where your file is sent to the translator and the finished translation straight back to you.

4. Suggestions

We don’t just write but also offer experience-based suggestions. Coming up with ideas is part of the deal.
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