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I make sure you finally can get hold of real quality translations.

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Looking to translate your website, manual, corporate text, brochure or other texts into a European language? Then, Alta Verba is the place for you.
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Want to know what language you need for a specific country, what you need to watch out for or what kind of text appeals to your readers the most?
Alta Verba can give you concrete advice.
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Is your text linguistically correct? Or could some phrases be improved? Let me handle your text.
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13 possible questions you need to ask yourself when you need a translation


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Information for entrepreneurs

Videos with information for every entrepreneur.

Many entrepreneurs who need translations - for their manuals, website, general terms, and much more - often do not have essential knowledge about translations I gladly offer that information in videos on my YouTube channel.

Video channel

In the video below, learn why a professional translation is important for your company.