In the past three years I have been giving a popular workshop at the BP conferences. As many people expressed a big interest in the workshop, I am now giving an online version.

Workshop Subject

Lets face it, if you are mainly working for LSP’s but really want to earn a lot more money, you need to work less for translation agencies and (much) more with direct clients.

That, however, requires a lot of hard work (with results logically only attained after perhaps two years) and it may be too difficult for you to have an overview of all the things you need to know and to do, and all that you need to watch out for.

This workshop will deal with an underexposed topic in our industry: personal leadership and mindset.

Add to this the best ways to structure your business and to do marketing/networking, and you’ll have the ideal cocktail to go ahead with your business.

And we’ll make it personal. There will not only be theory but also practice. We’ll look at your specific own situation and show how the theory can be implemented practically in your personal situation. That is why the number of people per session is limited.


Meant for:

translators who currently work mainly for agencies and want to earn more and work less by working for direct clients and subcontracting

Tuesday 25 October 9-12h CET

There will be no recording!

Maximum number of participants:
20 per session

Early bird (until 11 October): € 124.00
Normal price (as of 12 October): € 175.00

How to register:

1. Please fill in the small form below.

2. Pay the correct amount (with 21% VAT if you are in Belgium) to:
Alta Verba, IBAN BE11 0689 3247 2848 with mention of your name and “Alta Verba workshop”
If you are not in Europe or the UK, you can also pay via Paypal to the email address: herman@altaverba.be

3. In October you will get a mail with your invoice and all necessary information to attend.

Your registration is only valid after receipt of payment and filled in form.

Should the session be filled up, you will be given notice and I may schedule a new session at a later date.



Your workshop was one of the best parts of the Conference, and I’m really glad I chose it. It was much more practical and insightful than just sitting and hearing someone speak about their achievements. And meeting someone with such an extensive knowledge of the industry, but at the same time generous and fun to listen to, is rare. So, thank you very much for that. 


Thanks so much for all the details and for your interesting masterclass. 

I found it very insightful, especially concerning the motivation required to become what one really wants. And thanks so much for the resources shared. 


Thanks a lot for this masterclass Herman! I learned a lot!


I love Herman’s delivery style and his constructive criticism, he manages to balance honesty and kindness in a way not many people can.


Very interesting. A lot covered within 3 hours.


I love everything about the workshop really.


Thank you so much for sharing all these resources.This means you care about your colleagues.
Even before meeting you in person I knew you were a really nice guy! 😁

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