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Herman Boel, bestselling author and translator.
Your partner for translations from English, French, Spanish and German into Dutch.

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Technical, marketing, and sworn translations in impeccable Dutch

I’m specialised in all kinds of technical and marketing texts as well as corporate documents. I am also a sworn translator.


Whatever text needs to be translated, the translation should be flawless with regard to spelling, grammar, style, and terminology.
I take care of this.


A timely delivery at a correct price

In the existence of Alta Verba, I have never ever missed a single agreed deadline.


There is no middleman. You can save 20-50% by contacting me directly. Moreover, this gives you full control of your project while I guarantee a smooth communication.


A tailor-made solution for every translation question

Whether you have a text to translate, want to ask a specific Dutch language question, would like to have a translation memory made, or have another language related query, feel free to contact me.