Why a professional translation or text is important

Many companies manage their translations and written texts without paying much attention to detail. Indeed, it is often the secretary or another employee who takes care of translations, and although they may have studied languages, translation is not their main concern.

Sadly, this low-cost choice can damage the company. Indeed, a bad translation or text can heavily influence the company’s image. Well written sales brochures, manuals and daily communication impress your customers and avoid misunderstandings.

Would you ask your intern to prepare your company tax return? Of course not. You need a professional, an accountant, someone with the experience to provide professional services that will save you time and money.

Similarly, a professional translator – whether a freelancer or an agency – makes sure that your communications reflect well on your company, and are an important asset in making sales.

Imagine a potential customer visiting your company’s website and finding serious mistakes. Say goodbye to that potential customer. Or, imagine a client getting hold of a badly translated manual of your product…

After all, if you take so little care of your communications, what does that say about your products? That’s how a potential customer thinks.

Would you trust someone with a web site with incorrectly spelled words?

Excellent communication is also crucial to SMEs. It is an important means to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Not only your product but also the way you sell your product counts. Customers need to be convinced of the fact that your company can deliver exactly what they need. That cannot be done with texts hastily translated or written by a company employee. By extension, this is also true for all communications in your company.

What message do you want to communicate to your customers? Are you sure that your texts or translations are good enough to make a great impression on your customers? I would be happy to help give your texts the quality they deserve.

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